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Another popular eyelash serum product on the market is Babelash serum. Using the advanced prostaglandin technology, the producers of BabeLash said their serum contains some natural ingredients that will strengthen, lengthen, and improve the overall appearance of the lashes within 4 weeks. But does BabeLash actually fulfills its promise?

We dug deeper in its ingredients and also studied many of BabeLash reviews. What we found is that Babe Lash can work. But, on average, you may not see results with 4 weeks. Some users saw length but not thickness in their lash length while other didn’t see results until 3 months or more.

The red flag of using this product lies in the primary ingredient a derivative of prostaglandin analog that may cause some side effects. Some users whom we reviewed, experienced burning eyes, itchy eyes, and irritation.

Babelash Customer Reviews


o unfortunately Im discontinuing the use of this product. I have had bloodshot eyes since the start. At first I thought I was just tired, but since have read other ladies also had this side effect. Not everyone may experience this but I did. I look like I'm exhausted. So one star is because Im unable to continue use. Unfortunately

Lynda L

I used the serum for 2 nights and my eyes turned red and puffy like an allergic reaction. I'm sorry that I will have to return the product. My friend that recommended the product had really good results.


I have no words for this product! After trying MANY other eyelash serums (Peptide, castor oil for eyelashes) this is amazing! By 6-8 weeks my lashes were so long I had to curl them. I had gotten eyelash extensions and lost a lot of my lashes. This was the answer! Some people I saw got irritation, but I was fine and have very sensitive eyes. I cannot wear many mascaras and the glue for the extensions were horribly irritating. Honestly, I cannot believe that this worked the way it did. I am so happy I discovered this!!


LOVE! i don't have any before pictures but i swear this stuff works. it takes time though so don't throw in the towel too soon. i've noticed this has given me length, not so much volume. i recommend this product to everyone i know!


I've used Babe Lash before and have recieved great results, however...i ordered a bottle in December and have used it every night for the last few months. Not only did my eyelashes NOT grow, but they actually FELL OUT. Now I'm left with stubs as lashes and irritated eyelids.? Will not buy from this distributor ever again.

Melissa D

Did not work for me. I was looking for a less expensive alternative for Rodan Fields Lash Boost which I use previously - it works wonderfully, but is pricey. Unfortunately, after months of using Babe Lash nightly, and seeing no eyelash growth, I had to go back to R&F.

Sunee P

I've had this for about a month, I had this previously and I got it from the retailer and my lashes grew like crazy, but then I moved and I had to get it from amazon. It made my eyelashes grow but not as fast. But they green nontheless and they look good

DL Daniel

IT WORKS!!!! You have to be patient and use DAILY for 3 months. After 3 months your lashes will EXPLODE! Mine are long and thick. My friends ALL thought I had FAKE lashes on. NOPE just BABE Lash and good mascara. Way easier and cheaper than fake lashes and my tube has lasted longer than 3 months.. I'm going on 4 months. Try it and use it daily and BE PATIENT. It will work!!!


I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product at first. This is my second purchase. I had recently purchased the 2ml (3 month supply) and seen results after the first month. This is the 4ml (6 month supply). I went with the 4ml due to me using it on my eyebrows as well as my eyelashes. I am definitely seeing results !


I got the serum because it has a really good rating. After three week use, my lashes didn't get any longer. Instead, I lose my lashes every day! I use to have very thick lashes; now, there are only a few of them left. After I applied mascara, there are big gaps in between lashes! It is terrible. The seller may selling some fake products. I don't know. I would recommend this product to anyone.


Absolutely the worst thing ever. My eyelashes have fallen out in large sections- they are at least 50-60% thinner than when I started three weeks ago.


I have bought this before and something is wrong with this tube of formula. It burned my eyes and skin! I don't know if it was old or the formula mutated with heat? Unsure but I had to throw it out!

Wer2 (

I used this my Babe Lash one time carfeully following directions. The next day my eyelids and eyes were red and swollen and extremely painful. I am returning the product and hope my eyes will be better tomorrow. I really wish I could have used this product.

Mary Ann

I have used this product for over two years and has always worked but now the product doesn't work for me at all. My lashes are shorter than they were to start with.


I have used this product before and it is awesome. It has worked normally worked great. The problem is when I got the bottle this time it seemed like it was almost gone. There wasn't much product in the bottle.


This stuff is amazing. I paid double the price for this at a salon that I stopped going to because my hairstylist moved and I'm so excited to find it here on amazon for half the price! I had to stop using it because it says not to use while pregnant. But, I will tell you it works wonders. I was getting so many compliments. Everyone was asking me if I had extensions, or how my eyelashes were so long. I'm so so so excited about this being half the price that I was paying! I can't wait to have my full long lashes again!!!

Carol H

Babe Lash is a miracle product! I was loosing a lot of lashes because of medication I have to take. Babe Lash not only made my lashes much longer (as advertised), but it also made my lashes thicker, kept them from falling out and they are stronger! Love this product!!


Definitely made my lashes longer, but they are still very thin which since I already have long lashes that was more of what I was looking for. I had no eye irritation while using.

Lisa M

After a month I have to admit my lashes are growing longer and fuller. I love this product.


I purchased this serum after using Latisse for years and seeing great results but wanted something less pricey. After going without latisse for close to a year my eyelashes were nothing special to begin this process. I haven't even used babe lash for 2 months and have already seen amazing results! I can't wait to see my lashes after 3 full months!


I got an equal product from my lash lady for twice the cost! It is the exact same stuff. It is the reason my natural lashes are so long and stay strong for extensions. I love how easy the mascara comes off extensions as well. I have naturally blonde lashes, so I still need a little mascara but finding one that doesn't do damage to the lash is hard! This is perfect!!!!


I have heard great things about this product, and seem to notice a difference on my own lashes. However, my tube seems to be almost empty after one month of use! If it lasted as long as it claimed, i would give it more stsrs


I've been using this for probably 3 weeks and my lashes do look longer. It irritated my eyes when I first started but so have other lash serums and after a few days I was fine.