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Analyzing Grandelash serum, we discovered a lot of things. First, it contains some active ingredients that help lashes grow longer and thicker. It doesn’t include any scent that most people find irritating, and it is so easy to apply.

However, pregnant and nursing mothers, and people with a severe medical condition may want to stay away from this product because of the presence of Cloprostenol Isopropyl Ester which can be really harmful.

GrandeLash Customer Reviews


Inconsistent Product I purchased this product the first time and it worked wonderfully, the second time it did not work at all. Purchased it a third time from the Grande Lash MD website and it works great again

Alice. D

Seems To Thin Lashes Last time I purchased this product I found it showed results right away. This time it seems like it is thinning my lashes and I'm wondering if I received a knock off product.

Lorren. B

I returned this product.


Don't Waste Your Money I have had this product for two weeks and have used it just as direct and now the tube is empy! $60 dollars down the drain. It says a 3 month's supply but obviously that isn't true. Don't waist your money!


Doesn't Work It burns and it doesn't work.

Denise. C

Non Accommodating Made my eyes itch. My eyelids also became very dry. I had an allergic reaction to it. I gave it to my daughter, she loves it


It Didn't Work For Me My friend said this works really well for her but it didn't work at all for me.


Not happy to receive the same bottle size from previous order. Same size as the 2ml. double the price. Love the product though. That's why I reordered.


A Disaster For Me I used this product once as soon as I received it following the instructions included. I applied it to my lash line, avoiding my eye lids at night on clean lashes. I awoke the next morning to find a horrible reaction. My eye lids were swollen, burning, purple in the morning. I tried washing the residue off with cool water, and still the side affects continued.

Victoria. H

I Love It Ive been using this product for over a year...I LOVE IT!! My lashes are so long and have become darker...when I wear this with my good mascara, people always ask if I have falsies on-and I'm a blonde!!! Highly recommend.

Mrs. C

Amazing! I love love this stuff! It really works and I highly recommend it. I just ordered another 3 month supply. I noticed a difference after about one month of using. My lashes are longer and fuller. Absolutely love this product

Talulah. B

Incredible Product This product is incredible and does what it claims. my eyebrows were thinning and fading in color and i was using pencil to fill in. after putting this on my eyebrows twice a day for a couple of months my eyebrows became full and a lot darker. no more pencil.


Wow! I started seeing results after two or three weeks but now, after consistently using it daily for three months I have eyelashes that look false ( or like extensions!) I am beyond pleased. My eyelashes used to be short, sparsen and I was missing lashes on each corner of the eye. Not only did it make them thicker, it made them grow back in the corners and they are SO long my son told me today I may have to cut them at some point.


Will Buy Again Got this for Christmas. It's Feb so about two months of using this at night, my lashes are getting longer! I put mascara on for the first time in weeks and they touch my eyebrows and project so much farther than before. Will buy again. Worth the money

Fire Horse

It took about 4 weeks to begin seeing a difference, but I did notice longer and fuller lashes. I was skeptical, but it did work. It didn't irritate my eyes, but it did leave them looking slightly pinkish around the outside. I finished the tube, and within some time my lashes went back to what they were. I don't plan to repurchase as I want to try the castor oil remedy that everyone says also works. We'll see. As for this product - it DID work

E. Jones

I Was Skeptical I was skeptical, even though I saw the results on a friend of mine. It took at least 6 weeks to see a real difference, but after 2 months, it just gets better and better. My lashes are so long now that I occasionally trim them just a little!

Melissa. M

I don't usually write about anything even if I like it. But, I am amazed by this product. I had read all the reviews good and bad and was skeptical. But a friend recommended it and her lashes are amazing. So I tried it. In the beginning i did not use every day. But in the last 2 months I did and the results are amazing. My lashes are longer and thicker even without mascara.


I find that if I am not careful putting this one that my eyes burn a little. I use it at night. I have found though that my eye lashes appear healthier and longer. If I use a curler. I don't need mascara! Nice to have lashes without having to pay to have them glued on!!

Heidi. J

It Works I had extensions and took them off and had nothing left. After 2 weeks of applying every night before bed, my lashes actually grew and got thicker and are now getting longer after only 6 weeks. It does work if you're consistent. My friends lashes are super long (too long for my taste) but it confirms this product works well. Read the directions and if you put too much on and it drips into your eye it stings a little but I haven't had any issues beyond that.

Gloria. S

Three Star I'm in between on this one. It works little but it hurts like crazy. I don't think I'll continue this product again.


It works (takes about 2-3 months) and all of the girls in my family love, love LOVE Grande lash and Brow! I tried it first to review for a blog post and have been buying it ever since!

Smart Chick

So much better than I had thought. I really thought that nothing would work outside of a prescription or Latisse. Not the case. This actually really works well. So I purchased this in mid-April '18 and by mid-June I had noticeably longer lashes and by July I can honestly say my lashes are so long and pretty!!!


I accidentally ripped out all of my upper lashes when my eyelash curler broke. It was a freak accident and I was devastated. I had lost 95% of my upper lashes on my left eye. I searched the internet for something, anything that could possibly help me get them back faster. PLEASE LISTEN!: THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!!!


I really wanted this product to work, however after four days I had to stop using it because my eyelids were so itchy and irritated. It felt as if there were bits of sand in my eyes. I followed the directions and only used it at night. The first night I thought it was because I had applied the product too near my lashes, so the next night I made sure to put it near the lash line, but not touching the actual lashes. By day two my eyes were feeling scratchy but as I said, I so wanted this product to work I continued to use it. The evening of the fourth day (a Friday) my eyes were so red and swollen that I had to put cold compresses on my eyes just so that I could open them. If the urgent care clinic in our neighborhood had been open I would have gone there for treatment. Luckily I continued to use the cold compresses and by the next morning I could open my eyes, however I couldn't wear my contact lenses for three days until the inflammation had stopped. Of course this happened over the weekend and I didn't want to go to the ER and explain that I wanted long lashes etc...


It does what it says! It conditions and grows your eyelashes, no doubt! It's easy to apply too. Mine have grown so long that I don't even have to apply it every night which is great. It can cause a little bit of irritation


My friends and I bought this and it definitely works. I was using rapid lash which gives a minimal growth, but fills in your lashes...this fills in and lengthens. We are all gettin different results though. Mine are lengthening sporadically, but thickening evenly. Both of theirs grew and thickened evenly and they look like they have fake eyelashes now when they use mascara because they're so thick and perfect. What I noticed initially is that my lashes wouldn't fall off anymore. After a month they're falling out here and there, but very minimally though still growing and thickening at a slower rate than theirs. I do noticed a tiny bit of swelling at the base of the lash in some areas. Not noticeable, but possibly one of the side effects from stimulating the hair follicles to grow. It's been about 5 weeks and overall, glad I tried it.


So like I just got this because my friend recommended it to me and her lashes are insane, but my product looks completely different compared to hers and everyone who left pictures in the reviews. but I haven't been using the product long enough to tell if it works or not and I'm worried I received a fake


I have been using this product every other night for the past 3 weeks. So far, it has shown to lengthen my eyelashes. I would give this 5 stars (for lengthening) but there are some negative side effects that come along with the use of this product. The major downsides of this product are eye irritation/redness and skin discoloration. Upon application, it makes my eyes pretty itchy and I often wake up with redness in my eyes after applying it the night before. Since using this product, I have developed a brown ring around the perimeter of my eye. There is darkness under my eyes that was never there before. Because of this, I will not continue to use this product.


I am ever the optimist when it comes to purchasing lash products after reading positive reviews. After all... who would not love to experience the same thick lush lashes that other reviews encountered? Sadly this was not my experience. I took before photos and when I got to the end of the container I took additional photos to double check the results. Needless to say... this product did not work for me. I usually give two stars for products that don’t work for me but worked for others but I think it is time that I use the one star option just so folks can read that this product does not work for everyone.


Saw results within 2 weeks


I'm not the one using it since it is my wife the one who bought it, but the reason that I'm doing the review is because it REALLY WORKS!!! In just a few days I noticed that my wife had longer eyelashes, and it was always her complaint not to have too long eyelashes. Well, this product made the magic. They now look longer and after using the mascara they look even better. I don't know what is in it but they look now more "grande".


I Loved this product when I started using it a few years ago. Then they kept raising the price significantly every time I needed to re-order. The beginning of this year I tried a less expensive product but it didn't work as well, so I bucked up and spent the 120.00 for the new and improved version. I have now been using this for several months and it does NOT work at all. In fact, my eyelashes have been falling out consistently for the past 2 weeks.


This product does absolutely nothing for the growth of lashes. The last 2 tubes (that are a little pricey) also dries up as if nothing is in the tube after about a week... I'm sorry for this poor review but I don't want others to loose about $70 on such a poor product

Gugar Land

It caused my eyes to appear red and irritated. I stopped use and my eyes were normal and white again. I restarted after one week and again it caused my eyes to appear red. There was no physical discomfort, but my eyes looked terrible and sick. I am not allergic to anything. I have used other eyelash treatments and nothing has ever made the whites of my eyes red

Calais. E

Overall disappointed in this product because of ineffectiveness. It’s causing some minor skin dryness and slight, occasional skin irritation in general. I’ve been using for over one month and haven’t noticed a difference.


This was a disappointment. It may have seemed to have started at first but did nothing.

Hannah. G

I’ve used GrandeLash-MD for about a year and a half and this stuff truly works! I’ve cut down to using it only once a day because my lashes will get almost too long with twice daily use. I give it 4 stars because it does leave a small shadow like dark line right where I apply it. I wear makeup almost everyday so it really doesn’t bother me too much. I also wish there was a bit more product in the tube. Even using mine once daily, it doesn’t last me 3 months. I’d say 2 is more accurate. Overall I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it.


Cheaper than R&F, and works great so far! These are my results after 3 months. My only complaint is my lids have turned purplish where I apply the product. Not a big deal for me it looks like maroon eyeliner but I’m soo glad I didn’t put it under my eyes on my lower lashes!!


I should have sent this backIt has taken too long to get heavier stronger lashes Formerly, I used Rapid Lash which I liked a lot but due to better reviews I switched to this. I will switch to Rapid Lash hereafter .


I've used this product once before as a supplement to my latisse and it worked well. This time however it consistently burned my eye so I decided to just pay a little extra and get my prescription latisse.


First tube I used, my lashes were amazing. Second tube, lashes have almost all fallen out, thanks for the fraudulent product and my non existent lashes now.

Callie. S

I used this on the first day I got it, and the next morning my eyes and whole eye area was bloodshot and crusty. I could hardly open my eyes! Luckily I could use makeup on the parts around my eyes but my actual eyes were so red people asked me if I was high all day. Not a good look. Three days later my eyes are still a bit red but almost back to normal. I've used other eyelash products in the past with success, but I thought I would try this one because of the positive reviews. I can't attest to the actual success of the product since I'm never going to use it again since I had such a bad reaction to the ingredients. Use at your own risk!

Jennifer June

i have used a couple of others lash enhancer products, (one good, the other not so good) but was taken by the positive feedback and low price. this one really irritated my eyes, leaving the red when i woke. i never experienced this before so i thought perhaps it was my fault for putting too much on or being a sensitive time of the month, as regularly i don't ever break out. After a couple weeks of daily applying this stuff, there was no changes, so i stopped

Eva. C

I had no faith in what I thought was just another snake oil pitch. My lashes had seemingly disappeared over the years, even though I rarely use mascara. My sister recommended this. She never had lashes, and she now has fans! I bought the product and didn't even use it consistently... maybe 6 times over the last 6 months. OMG!!! Now, when I put on mascara, my lashes are NOTICEABLY longer! They hit my glasses!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Morlas. C

I have been using this for exactly 3 weeks and now see the results! I had serious doubts about it working but my friend said she had to stop using it because her lashes got too long. This stuff definitely works and I'm a believer! Worth the money and I will buy it again

Lori. O

I don’t usually write reviews but this product is worth it. It REALLY works! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. My lashes are noticeably longer, I get compliments and lots of friends asking if I had lash extensions. It took about a month of consistent use before I noticed anything. But like the directions say you only need a little bit,I bought mine end of August and am just reordering. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because they raised the price by about $10.


But it's true. I have to admit that I haven't applied it consistently because it irritates my eyelids and eyes, but I try to apply it every night and I believe I'm seeing results. My man has naturally long lashes and I always give him a hard time for it, but now he's noticing that mine are getting longer. I also apply a little to my eyebrows, and they've filled in really nicely too. I am happy with the purchase, and results so far.

Briana. E

I’ve been using this product 2 weeks and can already tell a difference. This product became known to me when I complimented a girl on her lashes and she told me she used this and how great it works. It definitely does!


My friends love this stuff. I did see some eyelash growth in a week. Then I became allergic to it. I gave it up and tried it again a month later. Again zombie blood red eyes. But my friends don't have trouble with it.

Howard. B

I have used this product for almost 2 months. No eyelash growth. My chemist friend told me that there were a lot of manufacturers making this stuff with a certain ingredient (peptide maybe?) that was infringing upon the Latisse patent and the courts order cease and assist of those companies using that product. I can’t say for 100% that this is true but it makes sense b/c I’ve had no growth. So while this stuff may have worked before, i feel like i wasted 65.00 on a very expensive fake.

Rita. L

I used this as directed and in the morning had such a terrible reaction by eyelids were bright wine purple color and my eyes were completely red and uncomfortable , it got worse throughout the day I went to the urgent care - now I have a hospital bill and had to pay for prednisone and Claritin . Couldn't afford the eye drops they wanted to put me on ($100!!!) so now I'm just waiting for this to go away . What a waste of $45 and then on top of it all of these medical expenses and now I can't even get a refund because I threw the box away .


I've used Latisse in the past with great results and thought I would give GrandeLASH-MD a try, since it's less expensive. After using for 3 weeks, the skin under my eyes has darkened and looks horrible!!!

Misty Baron

I use this exert few days and get compliments on how long my eyelashes are. I will continue to purchase this product. Works very well.

Geralyn. K

It’s been 8 weeks and I have definitely noticed A difference. My sister uses Rodan and Fields and my eyelashes are now as long or longer


The only product that makes my lashes grow. I will not switch ever again.


Wasn’t able to use long enough to assess results because the product burned so badly. Felt horrible, as if I was putting super glue on my eyes. Highly disappointed


I decided to buy this vs my normal Neulash (which is amazing) because it was a lot cheaper, however this left me with bumps along my lash line. On top of that, if I applied too much there was stinging in my eye. Waste of $50 :(


Every-time i put this on it burned my eyelids and make them red and itchy and black. I know that using eyelash serums can have some negative side effects such as a black line around the application area but this literally would turn my whole lid red and purplish black instantly

Robert. P

My eyes turned dark red if I got some in my eye the night before, and they would stay bright red all day, it was embarrassing. I've used products like this with amazing results, thought I'd try this for a change but STEER clear, now if you want blood red eyes for a Halloween costume, then this product is perfect.


I have been using this for about 3 years and it works!! I have tried other products both cheaper and more expensive and they don't seem to work as well. I will continue using this product as long as it's available!


Much lighter than I expected so sometimes I wonder if I'm really applying the right amount. I tried to apply it twice a day as suggested on their directions for someone my age and noticed some irritation so went back to once a day before going to bed


I have been using this product for over a year now...and I will never be without it!!! I there was a marked difference in the thickness and length of my lashes in just a few short weeks. My lashes have never looked better!! They are fuller and definitely longer than ever before

Lori. D

Was very surprised at how well this works. I had little nubby eyelashes due to wearing extensions for almost a year. Within a couple of weeks of daily use I noticed an intense thickness at the lash line of new lashes coming in. It truly tripled the length of my lashes over a three month period. It does cause some eye irritation and I noticed I now have one grey eyelash that wasn’t there before


Much lighter than I expected so sometimes I wonder if I'm really applying the right amount. I tried to apply it twice a day as suggested on their directions for someone my age and noticed some irritation so went back to once a day before going to bed. I marked the date I started on my calendar. I'll update my review after 15 days and once I finish the tube after 30 days.


I used it as directed for 4 weeks and a few days on both lashes and brow. When it would get in my eyes, it would burn a little, but nothing awful like soap in your eyes. My skin in both areas became more sensitive to touch and got a little darker in color. Again, nothing horrible but it was noticeable. After a little over 4 weeks, there has been no change. None at all. I'd look elsewhere instead of buying this.


I researched various eyelash enhancers and this was rated high with a lot of reviewers which is why I chose this product. Unfortunately, not many reviewers had issues with this product. Many reviews did not mention side effects. So I thought, huh, must be fine. Nope. The first day, I applied it on at night. I had no problems. The 2nd time I used it, I used it in the morning before going to work. Around lunchtime, my eyes felt dry and irritated. People noticed that my eyes were bloodshot and looked like I had been crying. I thought this must be a fluke. So I gave it another chance a week later. I applied it on at night. Woke up and well, same thing. Puffy red and bloodshot eyes throughout the day. It took all day for it to subside. I was so excited to use this product only to have to return it

Joanne Witsel

Grande Lash works great. I get so many compliments on my lashes with people asking if they are real. Love the product. Very reasonable price as well


I went from missing and sparse lashes to giving my unopened false lashes away. I love this product. I've been using it for about 2 months and exactly how the directions read. I've had no side effects or issues. I also use it over my mascara


I did notice growth with the Grandelash LASH-MD not a significant difference. I experienced the same amount of growth applying organic castor oil to my lashes every night. The first few days of use left my eyes very red. Not irritated but red, then it went away. Would not re-order.


My eyes after use of this product not getting it in my eyes, makes my eyes so sensitive to light that I have pain within the back of eyeball, evidently some seeps into eyes. I have given up on it, not worth the pain and redness of eye. I now use WooLash. no problems with it.


Very disappointed because it was DRY and barely any product to apply. It was like it was old or had been used (Geeze, I hope not). I was used to plenty of liquid to apply and it would last well over a month (I usually apply twice a day)

Sun Hye Park

My eyes were totally turned RED in the morning. Even though I kept using this BUT.. I kinda don't know it is usefull or not. I couldn't see any improve.. hm.. I can't believe this is real product or fake


I used this product once. Woke up with swollen red eyes. The weird thing is it didn't burn after application, so there was no red flag that I was sensitive to this product. Definitely sending back


This product has really worked for me. My eyelashes are definitely longer and it has also helped to fill in my eyebrows.

Dorotea Marisa

This is a really great product. it keeps its promises.I had to slow down use occasionally because my eye lashes got so long they were touching the lens of my sunglasses. Too much of a good thing!! Highly recommended.

Love Doctor

This is a lash extender and doesn't seem to work as well as the one I ordered more than a year ago, it lists as the same but doesn't perform the same


Amazing!! Within a month started to notice lashes were longer and after 8 weeks huge difference. Compliments all the time on lashes!


It really does help your eyelashes grow. For me it has helped my lashes become strong and healthy. I've not lost any lashes lately. The growth is very slow but I can see a difference. It does sting but will subside after a few uses. I'm a contact lens wearer so I apply when I do not have my contacts in.


I'm torn between giving this product 5 stars and zero, so I went with 3 stars. This product does work! The only issue I had with it was the side effects. My eyes were extremely red while using this product. And three weeks into using I had a stye on my eyelid.... Eeekkkkk! I stopped using the product of course


Been using this for a couple months now and don't see any difference


I love this product! I started seeing results after about 3 weeks


Definitely my favorite

Judith Judge

I’ve used this product for months, and it works great. My lashes definitely grew thicker and longer. With mascara on my friends thought I had fake lashes on. Highly recommend!


Burns!! I have used a few different lash serums and none burnt. Even the slightest amount of this on the lash line makes my eyes burn insanely. So can't tell you if it works because can't use it.

Fuji Katty

Irritated my eyes too much. Eyes were skittle red for days after using the product each time I tried to start using it again. Too much irritation, so I didn't bother to stick with it long enough to see if there would be any lengthening lash results.


Does not really work - organic black Castor oil works better!

Sun Hur Park

Horrible!!!!! I bought this because of the good reviews but it made my eyes swollen itchy and red the day after i put it on. Paid $65+ to get my eyes destroyed. Worst product ever!!!

Anita. N

Didn’t work for me. I put it on every night for 3 months and it didn’t do anything for my lashes.

Sanchy One

My friend Kylie started using this product and told me about. If I had not seen the proof from her eyelash growth, I wouldn’t not have purchased it. She is your company’s walking advertisement.


This product works! There is no doubt. The only downfall is that it made my under eyes red. I have olive skin so many times people would ask me if I was crying which was super annoying but also they were amazed by my eye lashes


2nd tube of this product. Actually lasted about 5 months. Really does work! I love it. Now I don't need to use every day for good results which is a bonus!!

Irene Burns

It's been a month & I haven't noticed a change in my eyelashes yet. I hope this isn't just another scam!

Dr. Pepper

I am returning this item because I believe it caused my eyelids to jump and I didn't notice any improvement in lashes


Worthwhile and works. Apply to last line once a day, preferably at bedtime while the body is at rest and regenerating.I did find another Serum I am much happier with through Elizabeth Arden "Prevage Clinical lash & brow enhancing serum. It is VERY pricey at $100.00 for 4 ml .13 FL. Oz. It doesn't last two months. I apply it twice a day as my eyelashes shed rarely quickly and with the product, my lashes grow back quickly and LONG.Like most women and your girls, I overplucked my eyebrows in the 80's so I am concentrating on regrowing my bows which this is fabulous at doing. Comparing the two products - I would choose the Prevage by Elizabeth Arden It's worth the price to me. I would most likely try Grandelash GrandeLASH-MD (3 month supply) 2... again at some time when I need a lesser expensive product. A word of caution: When you stop using the serums, the new growth will not last and fall out. They require continued use. When yu reach the fullness you desired, you could switch to applying it every other day. I believe you will very pleased with the results. I may buy another GrandeLASH-MD (3 month supply) and use it on one eye while using Prevage on the other to see which works best. I have also tried Women's Rogaine on my brows, applying with a Qtip.This may be ontributing to the growth, but I've only done it for about 2 wks.