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neuLash Lash Enhancing Serum boasts some big claims on their website and packaging. They use things like “Active Eyelash Technology®” without fully explaining what it is, merely alluding to peptides and conditioning ingredients. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol too, but we felt a bit skeptical going in.

One thing we did notice though is that amid all the buzz of ingredients, they do state that “it dramatically improves the appearance of weak eyelashes.” For that, it does. After a month of use, lashes did look more conditioned. But longer or thicker? Nope!

For the hefty price tag, that’s a lot to pay to simply condition your existing lashes. Plus, it contains a form of prostaglandin, which gives you a greater chance of irritation and redness, and may even cause damage to vision in addition to changing your eye color.

Neulash Customer Reviews

Alice. B

Low Value I'm not sure if it was just my bottle but I have bought the smaller bottle of this in the past locally and so I decided to go with the bigger this time and it seems empty to me, I can hardly get any on The applicator and if I'm out soon the the large more expensive bottle lasted several weeks less than the smaller bottle....

Shana. N

No Need For Falsie After reading the reviews, I decided to try this product. I received it 2-14-14 and after about a month, there was a noticeable difference in the length of my lashes! The reviews said it took about 2 months to fully kick in, it has been 2 months and I don't think they're any longer than they were at one month. I have received several comments about how long and beautiful they are and I am very much satisfied with this product and how much I paid for them.


Nice Product Pros 1. Simple to apply. I have a quick evening routine and this fit the bill. Just a quick swipe and you're done. 2. Does lengthen lashes. I have been using for a couple of months and have noticed a difference, with and without mascara. No it's not as extreme as fake eyelashes, but it does affect lash length. 3. No itching or other adverse side effects. Cons 1. Price point is high, but at least there is no prescription required. One bottle does seem to last a while however.


Best Product I bought this product because I was curious about all the hype around long eyelashes and this product, compared to others, was reasonably priced. I used every night and after about a month I could tell a dramatic difference in my eyelashes!

Denise. P

Not Sure Have been using this product for several years, and have been very pleased with results. Have never ordered online, so thought I would try it. The box and tube are both different from what I purchase in the salon, not sure if it's a knock off, or just an earlier packaging that has been changed? Either way, was not willing to chance it, and returned it.

Sarah. R

It Works I love Neulash. I swear by this item. After a terrible experience with eyelash extensions ( I was left with brittle, sparse lashes) I turned to Neulash. This product is outstanding. I get frequent compliments on my long lashes - even from my husband.

Ivette. L

Works But… The product worked. My eyelashes definitely got longer & took about 2 months. Not a huge change but I could definitely tell. Big downside was it gave me eyes a strange reaction & they were constantly twitching for the whole 2 months. Once I stopped using, the twitching immediately stopped.


Works But Left Irritations After couple of weeks of using it, I clearly saw the difference. After a month, I had twice as long eyelashes as I used to have! My eyelids got a little red and irritated though, so now I'm using it every other day or 2-3 times a week, but it still works. Love it!

Ade. J

Didn't work for me. All it gave me was red eyes


Didn't Work Not everything works on everybody. This did not do a thing. Not a thing. I don't think it would have even poisoned me if I drank the stuff. But who knows, may work on the next gal. It's a crap shoot with these kind of things.


NeuLash!!! I used Neulash for about a month and then spring came and I developed allergies so I couldn't do the recommended six weeks. I did notice that at the end of that month that my lashes seemed longer. I had false eyelashes on for about four months and after taking them off, my lashes seemed so sparse. Neulash seemed to enhance the growing period. It burns a bit at initial use.


Use Moderately This was reccomeded by my daugther to try coz I wanted to have a long lashes and so far using this every night I have notice after 2 weeks my lashes is longer than before. And also you only needed a small amount to apply in both eyelash cause I have notice I use to apply too much it causes a dark color in my under eye

Alice. O

Gave Little Side Effect This stuff actually works if you use it every night but unfortunate during the first few days of use and when I overused Neulash it created my eye line (where I applied Neulash) to become tender to touch and maybe a little dry. Using just once a day at night help fix most of that issue.


It works like a charm. After 10 weeks, I could feel my lashes are a lot thicker and longer. It does require continues use. Wish it were cheaper.

Sarah. H

Permite tener pestañas más largas No aumenta su espesor


Not Good I'm very upset that the product arrived, "sample. Not for sale." And, I paid plenty for it. I only put one star because I was made to mark something. I'd like to rate it a zero.


Not Bad The product is okay. Doesn't irritate it too much. Application is fairly easy. i don't know if i see results yet, it's been 2 months now using every other day.

Andante. D

DO NOT waste your money. Placebo to the cause. This was the very BEST waste of my money.

Kristin. H

Not Good For Sensitive Skin Used for the first time last night, if you have sensitive skin do not even try this. My skin burnt so badly it's all red around my eye. I used a small drop as stayed in directions & woke up looking like I was on drugs with red, puffy eyes.

Grace. R

Waste of Money This product was a total waste of money. It didn't improve my lashes and worst still makes my eyes red and itching.


Definitely pricey, but I used this without any ill effects. My short stubby lashes grew noticeably longer with a curl. Can't dispute that this works!


This stuff actually works. I was very skeptical but somehow I convinced myself to lay out the cash and I am very relieved to see such amazing results! I have sensitive eyes so that was really my main concern when I bought this product. However, I didn't have any sort of bad reaction to it


Did not see any results with this product. I used it every night for 30 days and saw absolutely zero effect. I wouldn’t bother


My eyelashes were falling out and thinning. After at least 3 months of use I noticed a huge difference in eyelash thickness and length. I have no need for mascara.

Vanessa. K

Quite overpriced considering the result wasn't great or good. I wouldn't recommend to anyone at the current price. If it were cheaper then maybe


I haven't seen any improvement yet but I have a friend who has had real lash growth. I'll keep using for a while to see if it works.

Daniella. F

This doesn’t work at all - instead of making my lashes grow it made me feel itchy at night after a month in.


I've been using NeuLash for several months, and at first it was like a dream come true. My too-short lashes became long and beautiful after just a few weeks of using the product! However, this week I noticed some weird patches of hair on the tops of my cheekbones near my eyes that had not existed before. I can't think of anything that could have caused this but the NeuLash; maybe some of the product got on my cheeks from rubbing my eyes, tears from allergies, or sweat, and since it was effective at making my eyelashes grow, why wouldn't it be effective at making other hair grow? I'd take short eyelashes over weird hair where there shouldn't be hair any day, so I'm going to quit using the product, wax the new hair off, and hope that that's the end of my problem.


I used this product for two months to recover from my lash extensions and saw no difference whatsoever. I stopped using it when I lost six lashes out of my left eyelid when I was washing my face one day. I wasn't even rubbing my eyes. I totally felt ripped off my money since I got this product based on great reviews I saw online.

M. McConnell

I have used it, as directed, every night. Maybe it works for some, but not me. I am seriously bummed.

Dessert Queen

I've used it for about 3 weeks- so far, no difference. Will have to see. Not as immediate a response as Latisse.


I wanted to switch brands and take a break from LiLash and see what else worked for a little cheaper. This worked some, but didn't take over from when I was using LiLash, so I had to wait a month before it even looked like my lashes were a bit longer. My lashes got a little longer but not thicker, and not half as long as LiLash did

Donna. O

I've used this product before and it worked. However, this time I have seen no improvement whatsoever. I'm very disappointed and would never buy this again

Denise. M

This product works! My eyelashes are much longer and I get lots of compliments on them. Pretty soon I won't even need eyeliner


Buy it for my mom who swears by it! Unfortunately you lashes will stop growing once u stop using it but seems safer than Latisse!

Tenille Turner

I have used this product in the past (purchased elsewhere) when applied nightly as recommended my lashes grew like mad!!! My issue with this purchase is the tube was 90% empty when it arrived! I would have to dig the wand down into the bottom corner to even lightly saturate the brush! Pretty bummed!


After using it for 3 weeks, I still see no results. It was costly and do not see results, I am disappointed. Maybe in a couple of weeks, I will see results. I used a much cheaper product and saw some results a lot sooner. I should have stayed with the less expensive product since it was working!


After 4 weeks I noticed no significant change but I am going to continue in hopes that the product just needs a little longer.

Ila King

This product has not performed as I thought it would, based on other reviews. I have had some slight results so may to give it more time.


I used every day for 4 weeks and no results. I have used other products for 2 weeks and obtained great results


I don't see so dramatic change, but indeed my lash has been restored after heavy use of fake lashes. I will keep using a bit more to see how it lasts.


After using it for three months, I see absolutely no improvement in my lashes. For the price, I felt I wasted my money. I'm very disappointed! I wish the company had a money-back guaranteed since their product is no longer the same, as far as I can tell. I wonder if they changed the formulation.


I have not seen a change in my eyelashes. There was supposed to be a dramatic change. Disappointed. Not worth the cost.

Stacy. N

I had extension and wanted to try this product due to the no side effects. I did see more lashes fill in, but the length after two months of regular use has not changed. I will probably try one of the other products after I finish with this one.


I normally use Rapid Lash which works great, but I read that this one makes your eyelashes darker. I believe that I have seen a difference since I have been using this.

Patricia. F

Sadly my eyes began to turn red and I found I was allergic to something in the product and had to return it.


Took about 6 weeks to notice results. Works great. Great price

Stacy Moon

Love this product. You will have longer, thicker lashes in a couple of months. It is very noticeable and I would recommended it to anyone wanting longer lashes.

Susan Rice

Almost as good as Latisse without the red eyes and itching ! Lashes staying longer also. Try it you won't be disappointed. And u will save $$$

Chicago Babe

I’ve been using this for about 2 months and my lashes look gorgeous. They are longer and thicker. I love them.

Nadia. G

I can't say how well the product works because there was hardly anything in it!! I paid $80 for something that I used 3 times and I can't even return it because I threw out the box and I am royally pissed off!!!

Michelle. R

This product is awful. It made my eyes super red and itchy so I had to stop using it. What a waste of money


I've been using NeuLash daily for 3.5 weeks with absolutely no difference. I've heard it can take over a month but I'm doubtful. I will continue to use up the product since I invested the money, so I still have a little hope that it will work. I'll just have to wait and see.

Carolyn Suda

Used it faithfully for nearly four weeks and have not noticed any difference. I will continue until bottle is finished but will not refill unless I see visible results


I would appreciate a refund as this product did not work well at all. It is nothing like the prostaglandin analogs which actually do work, such as Latisse.


4 weeks to see results? Hardly. I've been using for 2 months and am finally seeing some results. Not dramatic...but some. I'm sure results will vary, but I bought it so figured I may as well use it. I'll see how things look in another few weeks to determine if I'll continue using it.

S. Meritt

This stuff is so great, and I get so many compliments on my eyelashes. Takes about 4 weeks to get the full effect, but works awesome!

Peanuts Mum

Decided to try RapidLash and NeuLash to see which worked better. I am sorry I ordered the big size of Neulash - I have been using Neulash on the left eye and Rapidlash on the right to replace lashes pulled out over the course of using eyelash extensions.... The Neulash had regrowth of fine tiny lashes that were light brown. The rapidlash just came in thick and strong. Rapidlash was less than half the price....


This product is interesting. My sister gave it to me after she had incredible results. It took over a month for me to see any growth in my eyelashes, but once there was, it was great. However!...after 3 months, my eyelashes are now shorter than they were BEFORE I used this product. I'm not sure if they started to break off or if this is just part of a second growth cycle. I asked my sister and she said the same thing happened to her. We have both been using the same mascara and eye make-up remover--so there was no change in any other products we were using to create this breakage. I would love to know if this has happened to anyone else and if they continued to use Neulash--did their lashes grow longer again. I personally, won't continue to use this product, it's so expensive and I really don't want to take the risk that my lashes get shorter and not longer.


I've been using neuLash for years and my lashes were so long and lush, I would get compliments all the time!!! But in the past 1 1/2 years or so, I've noticed my lashes aren't looking much different than before. They used to touch the lenses of my sunglasses and they don't anymore. They are barely better than when I first started to use it about 5 years ago. I am convinced the manufacturer has taken out some of the lash growing formula because it just doesn't work like it used to.

Tatyana Z

I've used NeuLash on and off for years and the product really is great. My friends always asked me if i was wearing fake lashes. But the downside is once you start using it (which I do because it gets really expensive), your eyelashes go back to normal. Or in my case, they grow back shorter.


I have been using this product for the past couple of month, and unfortunately, I have not noticed a single change in my lashes. It was a complete waste of money. Nourishlash did work for me...I should have stuck with that.

Wendy Y

I’m disappointed. NeuLash worked for me a few years ago; I saw results in 3 weeks. This time it hasn’t done anything for my lashes.

Lorelei H

This product did visible increase my lashes as well as my eyebrows. The bottle lasted nearly 6 months also it is easy to put on.


This product does what it says it will. My lashes look great! They are longer and fuller than they have been in years. It is very easy to use and is gentle on the eyes. I will use this product over and over again!!

Pamela. R

Been using it for about 3 weeks now and zero complaints! I feel like my lashes are naturally curling now with definitely more length. Better and faster than enormous lash!

Tara N

Went through an entire bottle. Did not notice enough of a difference to purchase again.

Rita Yedni

I used this and it produced fairly good results. It didn't fill in my missing lashes area from a childhood accident, but helped the other hairs grow. I thought it was fine until I read you have to keep using it in order to keep the results. Too expensive for that

Kristen. H

If you have sensitive skin I would advise not to use. My skin started peeling and felt a burning sensation after only a drop.


Maybe it's cause my eyelashes are already thick... but my little scarce hairs aren't growing back.

Amy N

I have definitely noticed lash growth after using Neulash for several weeks. I am asian and my lashes are fairly short naturally, but now are longer and fuller. They even have a nice upward curl when I use mascara. I definitely recommend this product.

Qulgley. S

This does increase your eyelashes! Have used before and will continue to order. This application is better than the others

Sanibel. S

Just as good as RX Latisse w/out possible side effects. Less $ also ! Worked quicker than i thought---lashes super long.

Rebeca Acosta

This product really works! It takes a few weeks to see results, but it works! However, if you stop using it for more than two weeks, the lashes go back to regular size

Landon. S

Didn't work as well as I hoped, my eyelashes do seem a tad longer but not thicker - not what I was looking for.

Marianne H

Product very successful for encouraging the lashes to grow, slowly. I do want to see the long term results, but so far very good.

Barbara Rees

This was a complete waste of money. There has been no sign of any sort of eyelash growth. If I could have, I would have given this product 0 stars. It feels like the company is preying on women who have lost their eyelashes due to age or to chemotherapy and are desperate for some sort of fix. Very disappointing!

Nicole. C

This product did absolutely nothing for my eyelashes. I followed the instructions precisely. I'm super disappointed considering how much I spent.

Jeryl B

Although the price was GREAT in comparison to others, regrettably I say that's the ONLY positive that I can give; very disappointed with the results, how about NONE!

Debbie L

Makes my eyes itch & burn

Kenneth D

The ingredients are dangerous and toxic. Look it up. You do not want it on your skin much less your eyes.


I'm on my third or fourth tube of this serum. It does work but you have to use it for 3 or 4 weeks to see the difference. And it is rather spendy. Now I only need to use it about 3-4 times a week instead of every day.

Laura G

I'm not sure if this is really doing much. I just wanted to add a little oomph to my already dark lashes. I think my lashes look good but I don't know how much they've grown since it happens gradually. The good part is that there is no irritation unlike some other lash enhancers I have used in the past.

Collete Solez

This works awesome!! I used false lashes and lost all of my real lashes. After using this for a couple of months my lashes look better than before ?

Young Kim

It seems like working good so far^^ I used only few days. Well you should try too. Thanks you very much


I’ve only used this a few times and it makes my eyes irritated and watery- which probably makes the product go away. My eye lids are swollen and puffy in the morning when I wake up. Probably not made with ingredients suited for sensitive skin and I don’t recommend this product at all

Stacey G

I was really excited to use this product as I had never used growth enhanced for my eyelashes. But when the package arrived I discovered that it had no product in it. There was a packaging issue and for that I have to rate it a two star.


Hasn’t worked, burns more than others have, and leaves a "crusty" look at the base of my lashes that I have to wash each morning.


Today was going to be the 3rd day that I started using this serum but I had to wash it off because I could feel a “burning” sensation.. I really thought this was going to work because of the reviews but oh well.. Not what I expected unfortunately

Charleen Low

Every lady needs this product. It makes your lashes longer and fuller. Been using for two years. Great product to use.


The product does what it claims to do. With daily use my lashes grew to the point they reach the lenses on my glasses which was unexpected. My lashes were never long or dark before neulash. The color hasn't really darkened but they have grown. I can go every other day now with good results. I'm just kind of committed to neulash because I want to keep my lash length.

Norma H

It seems to b working pretty well. I've been using it for 3 weeks. My lashes are thicker and getting a bit longer.


I didn't get same results with Latisse. It's still working but not as well as latisse. if you don't mind to go to a doctor then go buy latisse. if you are too lazy or don't want to spend more buy this product.


Caused a burning, hot sensation on my eyelids almost immediately so I had to remove it. I guess I'll just use it on my brows. I'm probably allergic to one of the ingredients.

Rebecca. H

After over 2 weeks of using it, I have lost a lot of lashes!

Champion Reviewer

I read the reviews on this product and decided to take the gamble. I have used Revitalash in the past but can't find it at a reasonable price any more. I'll have to use this product for several more weeks to be able to give an accurate review.


My lashes are back and longer. I am giving the product more time to see my lashes growing thicker. So far so good!

Roxanne . N

Definitely adds length.

Tarbitha Jacobs

I was extremely disappointed because this caused swelling, redness, and irritation