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NourishLash is an eyelash serum that caught our attention when we were looking through eyelash serum reviews. Some of the most revered beauty editors in the industry were praising it, so we knew we needed to try it. It features an impeccable formula filled with science-confirmed ingredients that have been scientifically tested to grow longer lashes.

Truly, it’s an eyelash growth serum that works. One of the main ingredients, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, an innovative peptide that nourishes the lash base. This is where your lash serum really needs to bring it, because those follicles where your lashes grow in each cycle must be primed to start growing again. Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16 is another peptide that is included, and according to science, when putting it together with Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, it increases the intensity of the results. It is the best thing when you’re looking to boost your lash growth.

Sodium Hyaluronate, also known as Hyaluronic Acid. It’s known for holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Why this matters for your lashes is because it restores the lash line. Without restoring the essentials there at the root, you can forget about getting those va-va-va-voom lashes you want.

Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract is another natural peptide that’s included, and along with Biotin, known for nourishing and promoting hair growth; and Panthenol, which protects and strengthens lash follicles for healthier, longer, and thicker eyelashes, it’s a winning formula.

NourishLash has an even larger list of ingredients on its site which you can check out for yourself. Each of them are made from botanical and natural ingredients that have been checked out by scientists for effectiveness. After using this lash enhancer for a month, we noticed big changes in our lashes. They were longer and stronger, thicker and fuller, and we really didn’t even need to coat them with mascara to have that stunning look to our eyes.

One of our testers did report it taking a bit longer than 4 weeks though. She said her biggest changes came in around 6 weeks, and once it did, she was thrilled. For another, it took only 3 weeks. The other tester reported that results came in at 4 weeks later, and she was delighted. 

NourishLash Customer Reviews

Samantha. L

Product came in on time. I put it off for about 2 weeks before trying it on because I was afraid it's going to hurt my eyes. To my amazement

Faith. R

Product is Great Firstly I react to almost anything. Even some natural oils like castor and olive are not friends with my skin. I only apply a mixture of aloe vera and vitamin e which, of course, isn't working for me. Kathy, a coworker, talk me into getting this product. At first I was skeptical, but then I though why not since it's just $49. I was really surprised that this didn't make me feel uncomfortable. In fact I had to spend over 30 minutes in front of my mirror trying to catch a reaction or two, but nothing showed. Secondly, my lashes are looking longer and thicker than they used to. This product is simply incredible!

Josephine. O

Fantastic Result! Using this product for 6 weeks now. I can say the result has been nothing short of fantastic. The product helps condition, thicken, and lengthen my lashes, giving me an incredible result that my false lashes couldn't give. I was also lucky to get NourishBrow bonus, which is helping my eyebrows too. Thanks for creating this fantastic product!

Gloria. S

This product deserves 10 out of 5. When I turned 61 last year, my lusher lashes started breaking off. I tried a lot of remedies - some store-bought and others DIY - to salvage the situation, but none worked for me. Then I came across Nourish ad. What I noticed after 2 weeks of using the serum was incredible. Let me explain: First, my falling lashes rescinded. Then my sparse lash line started growing some new hair. The whole process to be was shocking and amazing. As I write this, I have my lusher lashes back. Thanks to the incredible people at the company making this product.

Precious. T

Good But Not Incredible I was hoping for results within 2 weeks but nothing so significant after almost 3 weeks. My lashes are only curlier and slightly thicker, but the length are still same. However, I didn't experience any size effects (that's why I'm leaving a 4 star). Let's see what happens in the coming weeks though.

Alicia. C

Hands down The Best Serum on the Market There is no dispute about it. Nourishlash is unarguably the best lash serum on the market. My sister confirmed it. My mom gave it a big thumbs up, and here I am singing its praises too. Thanks to NourishLash, my sparse, short lashes are looking longer and fuller in just 2 months. I win a lot of praises and admiration on daily basis.

Wendy. L

I ordered for NourishLash last month because it has all the ingredients I researched and found to increase lash length and thickness and it doesn't contain any synthetic ingredients. Fast forward to today, my lashes have improved. They are not where I want them to be, but I can see a big improvement from where they used to be.

Rebecca. D

This product is incredible. Having used it for almost a month, the results it gives are simply out of this world. This must be a magic portion form Mars because I tried more expensive lash serum brands that didn't work for me in the past. I also love the fact that it didn't contain fragrance. A point of note though, your shipment may come slightly late

Amanda. F

Wow! What a Product! Where has this product being all this while? I was a victim of abuse from the hands of lash extensions. I look way older than I am due to my natural lashes almost non existing. Barely 4 weeks of using this serum, I am wowed with the result. Not that my lashes are so long and thick, but I can see some results unlike the previous serums I used in the past.

Kay. M

I Think It's Working 3 weeks in and I think it's working for me. I could feel the difference in volume and length. For curls, not sure. Hopefully, I'll get the total package. I'll continue using this product for the next 2 months and try to update my review.

Patricia. T

It's 2 weeks in and I can see a slight improvement in my lashes. I think they look fuller and a little longer. I switched from Latisse to castor oil after I almost lost my eyes due to some dangerous ingredients in Latisse. But Castor Oil wasn't helping much. So, I ordered for this product. I'll keep using it and see if I see more improvement

Hinda. C

Great Product Great product!!!!!! The product came on time. So far I love that it has no scent and color. It doesn't irritate my eyes too. I can see some growth in my lashes as well. I highly recommend this product

Daniella. A

Amazing Customer Service When my serum arrived, it was half full (with traces of spillage). I emailed the company immediately. And guess what? They sent another bottle to me free of charge without any unnecessary lengthy questioning. Wow! This company is the best! About the serum, I'll give it some time to see how it goes. It's just 3 days (too early to comment on that).

Diane. B

A Must Have for Everyone! Losing my lashes to extensions was affecting my appearance and confidence. So I started looking for a fast remedy. While researching for the best product, I came across NourishLash. I was instantly hooked with the reviews I saw about it. Then I ordered. Product came fast. Fast forward to today (the space of 1 month and 1 week), I've gotten fuller and longer lashes. My bare spot has grown some lashes too. Now I look younger and my confidence fully restored

Stacie. R

I've not noticed much difference in my lashes after 2 weeks. I guess I'll try some more and see whether this is for me or not Update Please help me change the ratings to a Five star. I can see a much improvement in my lash thickness. It has improved my curls too. So far, I can see an increase in the length too. Highly recommend this product.

Francisca. H

Best Eyelash Serum! This product is the best serum ever made. I've been on the quest for longer, thicker serum for over a year now. Read a lot of blogs, recommendations, and the likes. I've tried a lot of serum but none gave me what I wanted. But this lash serum has a good consistency and free from allergies, giving me fabulous lashes in less than a month. The bottle, surprisingly for a great product, is bigger than any other lash serum. This is a steal for the price

Deborah. H

I'm so satisfied with this product. This is my second order. I've never had this thicker and longer lashes before, but this product gave me in less than a month. No allergies at all. Highly recommended!

Natasha. A

Nice! This product works if you use it regularly and follow manufacturer's direction. I did and saw result within 6 weeks. It lengthens and thickens my lashes. The serum has a light consistency that won't make your lashes heavy. It dries quickly, and unlike castor oil, it doesn't leave an oily film around the eyes.

Dennis. J

Amazing! Ok. So this is like the second review I'm dropping on any product I bought. This product is amazing! I use it on my lashes and brows and boy, the result is out of this world. My lashes are curlier and thicker. And I'm noticing some length too

Tasha. M

Now I have this thick, beautiful, and long lashes - all thanks to the company producing this product. I must also commend the outstanding professionalism displayed by the customer care. When I had some issue with using my serum, they were courteous and super friendly while walking me through the process of applying the product. I felt really on top of the world. Thanks so much for that.

Christina. K

NourishLash! This really works! I can see a big difference in my lash length and curls within 3 weeks. You have to use it regularly (twice daily is recommended) if you want to improve your lash health quickly. I highly recommend this serum!

Antonia. C

No More Mascara I lashes were ok but I wanted them fuller and thicker. I hate what false lashes did to my close friend, so I stayed cleared of it. I was using mascara to make my lashes impressive, but all that has changed when I started using NourishLash. It added volume to my lashes and the formulation didn't irritate me a bit. I love it!

Anon. M

Wonderful Product I love this serum. It makes my lashes grow longer such that people keep thinking they are extensions. The only problem is that I felt a little tingling sensation around my eyes on the first day of using it. But now, I don't feel any discomfort

Rita. L

Great Product I saw result after 1 week and my lashes are still growing longer and thicker after a month of using this serum. I had falsie that ruined my natural lashes. But now, this product has restored my lash glory.

Lulu. O

Being using this serum for the past 2 weeks. It helps increase my lash length, but I still want it thicken up. It didn't irritate my eyes unlike the previous brands I used in the past. Hopefully it can help improve my lash thickness soonest

Monica. N

I Used Latisse and Babe Lash before but wanted a less expensive product that is as effective as those. I must say NourishLash far exceeded my expectation. I'm going to keep buying this serum and recommending it to every woman I see :

Rachael. P

Excellent Product This serum really works. I started to see noticeable results in fullness and length after a month. To be honest, I wasn't using it regularly for the first 3 weeks. I have a very sensitive skin around my eyes and I the product just made friends with it instantly without hurting a bit.

Joyce. J

Having wasted a lot of money on other expensive brands that irritate my eyes and further cause lash breakage, I found peace and result with this product. It didn't irritate my eyes. It improved my lash length and thickness, and the awesome brow serum I receive worked on my brows too. I recommend this to my girlfriends all the time.

Amelia. W

So I decided to buy NourishLash. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now. I think I have a lot of improvement to drop this honest review. It's amazing and the result incredible. It's the best lash nourishing serum I've ever used. Just a week in and my lashes are fuller and thicker. I highly recommend this product.


I have been using this serum for over 2 months now. I love the result. My lashes are looking thicker, darker, and longer. I highly recommend this product to those whose lashes are breaking due to old age or excessive use of mascara and lash extensions

Katrina Harry. H

I rarely drop reviews but I can’t help but to sing the praise of this incredible product. I started seeing results after 4 weeks, but now after using the serum twice daily (morning and night) for 6 weeks, I’m pleased with my longer, lusher lashes. It can only be this product. I highly recommend it.

Patricia. P

I’m so much hating myself now that I didn’t take a before and after picture. My friend told me that this product works incredibly. I order for my first bottle last 2 months and my lashes are looking so long like I have a double row of lashes. My lower lashes are growing longer and thicker too. I’m satisfied with the result of this miracle worker!


I so much love the results of this amazing product. I highly recommend it. I just ordered another bottle, and this time it came with a special lash brow gift. Wow! I’m so impressed. I’ll continue using this product for life!

Becky. Y

Got this as a birthday present from my best friend. It’s almost a month that I have been using it. My short, sparse lashes are getting longer and thicker by the day. When I applied my mascara yesterday, I was surprised that my lashes touched my brows! I want more gifts like this one, and I don’t mind if this company can send me this product as my next birthday gift (winks)

Rita. Y

It took about 3 weeks to begin seeing some results, which took a little bit longer than the one and two weeks I read in the reviews I saw online. What I like about this product, however, is that it didn’t irritate my eyes. I’ll continue using this product for some months and hopefully it will improve my lash condition

Helen. J

I was skeptical even though it improves the lash condition of my sister. It took about 5 weeks to see results, but about 9 weeks or so, my lashes look incredibly full and long. My lashes are so long that I now trim them after 2 weeks. The area I now need improvement is the thickness. I want my lashes to be super thick

Ariel. F

NourishLash really does work for me. This product was recommended to me by one of my gfs that uses it. It took me almost a month to start seeing results. It started by slowing down my lash breakage. Then, it started making my lashes curlier and thicker. Now my lashes are growing longer too. I highly recommend this product


For a product with so much natural and proven lash growing ingredients and in a big bottle, the least I expected was the price to be friendly. And yes it was pocket-friendly. Talking about the result. It works for me without irritating my eyes. The only downside is that you can only order on their website and not on eBay, Walmart, or Amazon. The result, which is the most important, made my jaw dropped.


I’m so thrilled to have followed my instinct this time in getting this lash serum. I’m amazed by this product. I have to say that I was skeptical, but a friend recommended it and my instinct told me it was a good product. Then I went for it. At first I didn’t use it every day. Despite that I still saw results within 7 to 8 weeks. My eyelashes are longer and thicker without applying mascara. Overall, this product is a good buy.

Lisa Paul

I use this product only at night. Using it for about 5 weeks, my lashes appear longer and healthier. I only use my lash curlier and not mascara. It’s amazing to have my natural lashes longer and beautiful without paying hundreds of dollars to have falsies glued on

Jessica. S

I used lash extensions for over 2 years. When I decided it was time to call it quit, I had no natural lashes left. After 2 months of using this product, my lashes grew longer and thicker. I ordered a bottle for my friend, who had a similar problem like mine, and it worked so well for her too.


I have been using this serum for over 2 months now. My lashes are growing so well. I have since hidden my less attractive lashes under lash extensions for 4 years and finally had taken them off. This product improves my lash length and thickness without using mascara. I highly recommend this product.


I apply this serum every morning and night. My lower lashes were scanty and sparse before using this serum. Now, after a month and half, I can see results. My lowers lashes are growing some new lashes, making them appear beautiful and elegant. I use it on my brows too and it is working for them too.

Nicole Bernard. G

This product really works. It’s so much cheaper than Revitalash and Rodan and Fields. I apply this serum in the afternoon and before bedtime. I have noticed a big improvement in my lashes and a lot of my friends and even people I don’t know shower me with a lot of compliments. I’m loving every thing about this product.


It took about 2 months to work on my lashes but the result was incredible. All my friends and siblings love NourishLash and have been raving about it. I love the fact that it didn’t irritate my eyes unlike Latisse I tried in the past. This product is simply incredible.


Using false lashes over a long period ripped out my natural lashes. I was devastated. I lost about 80% of my upper lashes on my right eye and over half of that on my left eye. I was losing it. I needed help as soon as possible. After about 2 months of using this lash growth serum, my ripped out lashes spot were replaced with thicker and fuller hair. The whole thing appeared like a miracle. I have found my lash growing solution and I’m never turning back at all.

Sunday Roberts

This product is so much better than I thought. I used to think that it was only a prescribed serum like Latisse that could work. But it’s not the case with Nourishlash. I bought this serum last 2 months ago, and I noticed longer, thicker lashes after a month of using the serum twice daily – morning and evening. Before using this product, my lashes were very thin and short. Although it hasn’t really improved my lash thickness, but they look longer and lusher. I’m definitely ordering for more bottles after this one.


Product fulfils what it promises. It lengthens and thickens my lashes. It is easy to use and doesn’t irritate the eyes. My lashes have grown longer that I have stopped applying the serum every night. I recommend this serum to women serious about growing lusher lashes

Michael. R

I bought this serum for my wife early this year. It works so well for her that she’s requested for a second bottle. The first one, which she’s still using, lasted so long. She didn’t complain of irritations unlike when she used babe lash I bought for her last year. I’ll be ordering more bottles for her soon. But please, work on your delivery time.


I have been using this serum for a couple of months now. I even bough for my friends and family. I used to have thin, sparse lashes and was considering falsies after using mascara for a long time. I started using this and in 2 months or less (can’t really remember), it started working for me. I saw a huge difference and so did everyone I bought the serum for. I’ll keep using this serum for life.

Jane. B

This serum was recommended to me by my close pal. I bought it to try. I don’t like extensions as they make me feel uncomfortable. Long story short, NourishLash is the real definition of amazing. My then sparse lashes sprang up within 3 weeks of using this serum. This is worth your time and money, trust me.


I’ve used NourishLash for about 4 months and this product truly works. I’ve reduced to applying this serum only once daily because my lashes were already touching my glass frame. It also doesn’t irritate my lashes, which is a big plus. The downside and why I left a 4 star is because it didn’t curl my lashes, which many people claimed it does.

Janie. M

I had to wait for almost 2 months to see the amazing results this product gave. Using this serum twice daily for 2 months, my lashes began to increase in length and thickness. My bare spots started growing new lashes, something that was shocking to me. Now I can do away with mascara and eye liners if I’m in a hurry. I love this product!

Sandra. X

I’ve been using this serum for over 5 months, and I’ll probably use it for the rest of my life because it is working for me (unless it stops or they change the formula). I’m a Japanese, so I’m not blessed with longer, fuller lashes. Instead they were slant and short. The only way I used to make my lashes visible was with the use of mascara and lash curlier. Around 2 months of using this product, I started seeing some incredible results. My lashes started growing longer and thicker such that I dumped my mascara and lash curlier. And on special occasions when I decided to use my mascara (not waterproof), it adds shine and more beauty to my lashes. I’ve been telling everyone about this product and will like to be a major marketer of this amazing serum in Japan.


I have sparse, short lashes. When I visited my friend about the best lash extension I should use, she recommended this product. I decided to give it a try. I use the serum before going to bed. Then after brushing my teeth in the morning, I apply the serum too without using mascara or eye liner. I allow about 10 minutes before applying my makeup. After a month, it really made a huge difference. My lashes now look longer and thicker – just like I always wanted them.


Was very skeptical to spend my hard-earned money on this product even after reading some amazing reviews here. But the results I get using this product is nothing short of incredible. I’m 65 and didn’t think anything would make my lashes grow. However, using this product for 3 weeks, it transformed my lashes from short to long while adding some thickness and luster to it.


This serum was recommended to me by my cosmetologist friend. Things I like about it: • It doesn’t change my eye color • It doesn’t irritate my eyes • It is easy to apply • The bottle is big enough (I’m in my 5th month and still have almost a quarter of the serum) My Dislikes: • It is slow to work. You need to apply serum at least twice daily to see results Overall, this serum is decent for the price. I highly recommend it because you won’t get a better one at this price on the market.


This serum works great so far. It is easy to use and doesn’t burn my eyes. Just 2 weeks in I’ve started seeing longer, fuller lashes. I’ll keep using this product for ever. My only problem with this product is that the cover isn’t properly designed. And if your serum should fall to its side, it may leek the whole content out before you notice.

Vanessa. S

Truthfully I had no faith in this serum when I first ordered it. I so much believe in my castor oil and vitamin e combination that I thought all other serums were made using the two ingredients as their base. When I got tired of my castor oil diy, I started researching on the best ingredients for longer lashes. Then I saw that castor oil and vitamin e wasn’t even part of the first 20 ingredients. Taking my research a step further, I discovered this product. What my diy couldn’t do for me in over 2 years, this serum did in just 2 months. My lashes are longer, thicker, and they are even touching my lens (I’ll trim them a little). I highly recommend this product.


It’s exactly 3 weeks today that I have been religiously using this serum, and now I see results – incredible results. I had serious doubts about buying this product, but my longer, fuller lashes justified my decision, time, and money. This must be the best lash serum on the market. It worth every single cent I spent on it and I’ll order for more bottles soon

Lara. D

This serum is better than I envisaged. I use on my lashes and brows for 2 months. It works on both of them. I use it on my brows twice daily and on my lashes just once a day. For the first time I had to pluck my brows! My lashes look longer and fuller. I am ordering more as I type this.


This product is worth every of my time and money. It really works for me. My short, ugly-looking lashes transformed into a fountain of lushes. I get compliment from friends and those I don’t know. Sometimes people stop me to ask for my extension brand. My reply always surprises them (I think I deserve a bonus serum for telling a lot of people about your brand). The only downside is that my last order came a little late. You made me go 3 days without using my serum.


I have my wardrobe full of serums like this one that didn’t work for me. But this one took and exception and the result really surprised me, considering the low price. My lashes started growing longer and fuller in as early as 2 weeks. 2 months in, my lashes are looking beautiful so that my fiancé noticed them. I love this product and will buy again!


Yes it’s true. And I’m not dreaming. Despite not using it consistently because I rarely remember at night, it still gave me an unbelievable result. First, this serum started making my lashes to shine and curl. Then I noticed, after some weeks, that they were thicker and getting longer. A little complain is that it hurts my eyes for about 2 days.


I’ve been using this product for over 4 weeks and I can tell the difference. This product was recommended to me by my best friend when lash extensions started becoming a big pain and heavy burden to me. I just want to say this, if you’re skeptical about buying, don’t be. Because this serum will change your life forever.


I use this product for 2 weeks. To be fair, my lashes weren’t that bad. I bought them only to improve their curls and thickness. And in just 2 weeks, it wowed me to the point of attracting loads of compliments to me. I can wait to see what will happen to my lashes by the time I finish this bottle!

Geralyn. K

After reading tons of reviews about different serum brands, I decided to buy NourishLash. This product really works! I used this in the morning before using my makeup and in the night before bedtime. It didn’t irritate my eyes. And after a month, I noticed that my lashes started growing longer and thicker. I have been told by complete strangers that my lashes look fabulous! I can’t wait to receive more compliments on my lashes.


Just 6 weeks of religiously applying this serum, I can see changes in my lashes. They were looking short and nothing to write home about before. But after 6 weeks, they are fuller and thicker with little length. Hopefully they will keep growing longer over time.

Katrina. J

This product was recommended to me by my daughter. She told me it was an incredible product, and that I should use it twice daily. After using this serum for almost 2 months, my lower and upper lashes have increased in length and thickness. The serum comes with an applicator like those of mascara, which makes using it so easy. So far, no irritations. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Desire. T

I have been using NourishLash for about 5 weeks and am starting to see the incredible power of this serum. I’m 67 and my lashes are already sparse and short. My friend told me to get this serum because it worked so well for her, but I was skeptical. Reason is because I have sensitive skin that reacts almost to any product. Well, I decided to order with the hope that if it hurts, I’ll give it to my daughter. And boy, it didn’t hurt even when I used it in during winter, when my skin is at its peak of reaction. And for my lashes, it increased my lash length and thickness. I highly recommend this product.

Lori. M

This Product is for those who want longer, thicker lashes. This serum works great. I recommend using it everyday (preferably at night). I’ve been using it for over 3 months and people can’t stop praising my beautiful lashes. I love that my lashes looks lusher without mascaras. It doesn’t irritate my eyes nor make my eyelid dark. And best thing is, ever since I started using this serum, the problem of my lash falling off has stopped.

Cynthia. M

This product works magic on my lashes. A close friend recommended I buy this serum when she noticed the amount of bare spots on my lashes. I was very skeptical about products in bottles since my last encounter with Latisse. First thing I notice is that it didn’t irritate my eyes or change my eye color unlike Latisse. Then after about 5 weeks, I noticed a big difference. It conditioned my lashes then curl it before adding some wonderful thickness to them. I recommend ordering early if you want your serum to arrive quickly.


I have been using this product for about 3 months now. And the results are just incredible. I have tried other brands, from those expensive to cheaper ones and even DIYs, but nothing worked like this serum. My lashes are now looking are now looking longer and fuller than they used to be with little irritation.


I have been using this product for over a month and I’m loving every drop that touches my lash line because it’s really growing them. My lashes have never looked better than they are now in a very long time. Now I hardly apply mascara because it makes no difference. People keep asking if I had false lashes on. This product is incredible and deserves more than a 5 star ratings.


NourishLash works great. I get a lot of compliments on my lusher lashes with a lot of people asking if my lashes were real or which brand of falsies were they. I just smile and tell them it’s the magic of Nourishlash. To cap it all up, the price is reasonable and it doesn’t irritate the eyes. So far I’m pleased with the result.

Stephaney. A

NourishLash took my thin, sparse, and short eyelashes and transformed them into longer, thicker, and healthy lashes. I’ve been using the serum for less than 2 months, following the manufacturer’s direction on the container. So far I have no side effects or any negative complain. The result after applying my mascara is also incredible too.


Using this serum for over 4 weeks, and it seems a lot of transformation are happening around my lash line. First, the serum didn’t hurt. Talking about how I got the serum. I have dealt with short lashes all through my entire life. Then a friend, who is also named Jennifer, the introduced me to a group where they didn’t stop singing the praise of this serum. I decided to jump in. Order came and I started using it. “Will this short bottle work for me?” Was the question that kept ringing in my head. Fast forward to today, it workkkkkkkkkkkksssssss! I mean it really work. I don’t remember the last time I check the mirror and see stunted lashes. I use the serum on my brows too and it’s thickening them too.

Dorati. C

This product is incredible. It fulfils all its promises. My lashes are so long that I had to change my routine from twice daily to once a day (only at night). It didn’t hurt my skin (although my skin rarely react to cosmetic products except alcohol). I highly recommend this serum.

Maria. N

This product is amazing. I was skeptical about this product changing my eye color but it didn’t. It is easy to apply as though you’re using your mascara. No irritation and no burning sensation. It just made my lashes thicker and longer within a month

Sola. R

I’ve tried other over-the-counter serums and non of them worked for me. When I visited my sister last month in Miami, I saw this serum. Then I started using it. When the Lord will bless me, this serum. Using it for over 2 months now, and I can say this is the only serum with the right ingredients and does work for me. I’m happy to have come across this product. My lashes now look thicker, darker, and fuller. And a lot of people couldn’t believe their ears whenever I told them they were real.

Dennis. S

I swear by this product…it really works. It recovered my dull-looking lashes and transformed them into beautiful lashes. Although I had to wait for almost 2 months to see the wonderful lashes I now have. But the result is worth my wait and my time. Highly recommended!

Katrina. L

Don’t expect an overnight result with this serum. And don’t expect lusher lashes in a month too. I waited for over 2 months before I got my desired lash length. Still not satisfied, I decided to fix my lash extensions back. It was at the salon that she told me my natural lashes was even longer than the 14 I used to wear before. You need a lot of patience and believe me it will work for you.

Jackie. P

No doubt, this serum works. The only problem I have is that I left a tingling sensation on my eyes if I use excess. Although my skin is sensitive, I read from others having sensitive skin that this serum is friendly. So I recommend using little at a time. As for the result, I can see a whole lot of improvement in my lash length and thickness.

Sarah. S

It took about 5 weeks to see results. But this product is definitely a must have for every one serious about improving their lash health. My lashes grew so long that they are touching my sunglass lens. You should give it a shot too!

Daniella. L

I love the result and everything this product has done for my lashes. I use it daily – every night before I sleep – and it really gave me an amazing lash length. My lashes are also fuller and thicker too, and overall they look healthy without mascara. This product definitely worth the price.

Annie. W

This product works dramatically. Before buying, I read a lot of review, and when I was satisfied, I ordered for my first bottle. It took about 7 weeks for it to really stamp its authority on my lashes. It started by transforming my thin lashes into fuller, thicker lashes. Although the length hasn’t been too encouraging, I believe it will improve before I finish using this bottle. Overall, it is an amazing buy!


I’m 62, so I’m expected to have sparse lashes due to age. However, the reverse is the case when I started using this serum. It increased my lash length and thickened my brows in just 2 months. I’m hoping the results are permanent though. Hence, I’ll wait for some month and review again. The product is less expensive and the quantity should last for over 4 months.


I rarely drop reviews but this product is too amazing to ignore. I am so impressed and I’m so sure you’ll too. I use this product twice daily for about 6 weeks before I saw results. But when it started working, the results were impressive. I wish I took some before pictures. People rarely believe me if I tell them they were natural. You should get a bottle today.

Felicia. C

Unlike some reviews I read here that some saw results in 1 or 2 weeks, the same didn’t happen to me. I had to wait for over 2 months before my lashes became thicker and fuller. One thing is that it doesn’t sting my eyes and it is easy to apply. I recommend using it twice daily for a faster result.


This serum is amazing. I have used more expensive brands in the past but they either didn’t work or hurt my eyes. This one is cheaper and bigger. After about a month or so, my lashes were looking longer and healthier. Using mascara on them gave my lashes the true beauty that attracted so much attention. I recommend this stuff to everyone!

Loretta. D

This serum really works to thicken and lengthen my lashes. I used it daily for almost 2 months before my birthday and my lashes grew so long to the point of touching my glass lens. After my birthday party, I started using it twice a week and my lashes are still very long and thick. Will have to use this once a week or trim my lashes. Highly recommend this product.

Amy. S

I have sensitive eyes and other serums have left them swollen, red, and itchy. But my lashes were not great, so I had to try other remedies. I came across Nourishlash, and seeing the dozens of positive reviews I decided to try it out. It arrived late to Manchester, and at a point I thought of cancelling the whole order for a full refund. After using the serum for over 3 weeks, my thin, sparse lashes became longer. And after 2 months, they were thick and curlier.

Naomi. S

This product is impressive. I was skeptical before ordering this product. I used to have short lashes. After some weeks, my lashes got so long that I had to go back to contact lens as my lashes were touching my glasses. I have also stopped using mascara because there is no point using it when my lashes are thick and long.

Jessica. Y

This product is fantastic! A lot of people compliment me on my beautiful lashes. Prior to using this product, I had terrible lashes that were damaged by artificial lashes and waterproof mascaras. This product conditioned and strengthened my lashes, which are now looking very long and thick.

Rebecca. C

I bought this product to improve my lashes a little so that when I use mascara, the whole lashes will come to life. Guess what? This product has really improved my lashes. They are now looking longer and thicker! My lower lashes are looking longer and fuller. It took about 2 months to get the whole results I explained above.

Gloria. L

Using eyelash extensions for over a year, my lashes were looking shorter and sparser than before. My cosmetologist recommended this product to me, with a promise that it would help me grow longer, thicker lashes before 8 weeks. She lied! My lashes came to life in less than 6 weeks. I will continue to use this product and also recommend it to my friends.


This product works great for me. I used to use Latisse and was working for my lashes. However, the recent increase in price puts it above my budget. Switching to this product hasn’t been any different. For the price, I’m satisfied with the result. I really see a difference in about a month. My lashes are so thick and long that people can’t differentiate them from false extensions. I highly recommend this product.

Denny. D

This serum gave me lusher lashes in just 4 and half weeks. Reaching my 54th birthday, my beautiful lashes thinning out. Despite using a lot of mascara coats, they were still not looking healthy. Then I got this serum and it has been lusher lashes all the way. No irritations. No discomfort. The result is just impressive.

Hannah. I

My serum came in yesterday and it’s too early to rate. But so far it didn’t irritate my eyes and eye lids. I used it yester night and this morning. I’m positive that it will work for me. I also got a brow serum too. Thank you


I used it religiously for 2 months and saw no difference. Latisse is worth the money, especially because it works


I love this product! I used it every night before bed and within a few weeks I saw a crazy difference in the length of my lashes! They were thicker and longer and looked healthier without makeup. I know this product is expensive but it is definitely an investment that is worth the money!

Sarah. S

Definitely works! Took 4 weeks for me though. By the second purchase I really noticed and so did everyone else! My eyelashes grew so long they now hit the inside lens of my sunglasses!

Melinda. L

I love this product, but it didn’t last 3 months as it’s marketed. I used it exactly as it recommended, however it was all gone after a month and a half. I was very disappointed because I just started getting the results I wanted! My friends have started noticing too! I would have returned it to try another bottle to see if I got a bad batch but it was past the 30 day return policy. I am going to order it again and hope that maybe I was just unlucky! I will keep you posted!


It hasn't been too long since I started using this, but my upper eyelid got super swollen and irritated and I had to stop using for a week. I think after you sleep with it on in the morning you have to get ALL the residual formula off. I'm going to give it another try and will update.

CA Jones

My lashes have been thin due to age and to top it off I added fake lashes which pulled out the little I had. This stuff does irritate your eyes. I found that my eyes were red every morning. Also it made the area under my eyes dark. BUT in 3 weeks my lashes grew significantly. I was pretty shocked that this worked so well. More length than volume but the volume is Better than before. 4 stars because of the panda eyes. But works on lashes for sure! Can't win them all I guess.


It works great like it i will keep using it

Beatrice G

Product took 2 weeks to arrive in Netherlands. I have been using it for 6 weeks now with little results. I was hoping for results within 2 to 3 weeks.

Jonathan Y

I feel the consistency is too light enough. That being said, it's been almost a week and I haven't seen any improvement. Of course, it is too early to judge. I will keep using it and hope it works.