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VegaLash is all about being vegan. While Revitalash is too, VegaLash is centered around providing vegan products, and we really like that. This one is all over Instagram so we were eager to see what all the fuss was.

A look at the ingredients revealed it contains Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, a proven agent for lash growth. Other ingredients include Red Clover and Mung Bean, and while these are healthy ingredients, they have not been shown to have any lash growth powers. The fragrance of this wasn’t bothersome, but what we didn’t like was the promise that we’d see lash growth in 15 days.

Lashes take time to grow even with proper nourishment. Telling women they’ll see results in 15 days seems a bit false to us. And we were right. None of us saw a thing different in 15 days. After about 3 months, some of our testers reported a change in thickness of the lashes, while our other half of testers discontinued usage due to extreme irritation. Several testers complained their tubes had dried up despite proper storage.

While it does give some slight benefits to the lashes after 3 months of use, no one saw anything resembling results until about that long. What bugged most testers was that the price appears to be reasonable on the website, but if you look closely, it’s the auto-ship price. In order to get that low price it shows, you must agree to auto-ship. If you don’t, it’s a lot higher. We felt misled with VegaLash in many ways.

VegaLash Customer Reviews

Lisa. R

Made my eyes itch. I will not recommend this product to anyone

Clara. T

It Works Love my new lashes!!! This serum was so easy to apply and I started seeing results in a few weeks. I noticed it when I put on mascara at first but as time went on I could see a difference even without mascara. Highly recommend.

Ariel. C

I personally bought this because my boss has it and it made her lashes grow and so it mine


This product worked great on growing eyelashes. It, however, irritate my eyes a little


Great Product Worked awesomely for me . Had lash loss before my daughters wedding and needed help. Used 3months before and filled in nicely. Thank you VEGAlash


Awful Burned my eyes unbelievably!

Virginia. D

Easy to Apply Great product. Easy to apply. Does what it says.


Didn't Work For Me This did not work for me. Used it 2 times a day for 2 months and no change. I have used another brand in the past that was less expensive and I saw immediate results, so going back to that brand. I wish they offered a money back guarantee

Stephanie. W

Worst Company Ever WORST COMPANY EVER. Tried to cancel 3 times via email with no response other than the automated one telling me to call in. Unfortunately I was out of the country and therefore unable to call which is what I replied with. Never got a response after that. Got back to the states a few weeks later to find that the package was already shipped.

Amery. E

I was super skeptical when I first subscribed to vegalash and at the beginning of use. But the more I used it the more I actually saw results. My friends and family began to see it too. After using only the serum my eyelashes began to grow.

Susan. B

Horrible. Product did not work at all and then my eyelashes started falling out when I called the company they did not even apologize nor did they offer a refund without paying the shipping cost back. I was told what you want me to do.

Joanna. R

Disappointed! Been using this for 3months and there's anvery tiny effect only on my lashes. I dont think it will gonna work for me, they advertize that im just 15days you can result, then where is my result??

Andorra. F

I fully agree with a few others here. Worthless product and terrible customer service. Buyers beware!! I ordered from this company months ago and when the product did not arrive, I tried to contact the company to no avail...almost non-existent customer service. I finally received word back via email and they said that they would not refund my money even though the product never arrived.

Holly. N

I received the VEGA LASH free from my blogger friend. It was easy to apply and I didn't notice any scent, no burning or irritation. My eyes didn't have any type of reaction. I just keep forgetting to apply it! My lashes are already longer. You have an oily feeling on the eyes that you might not like. It does not bother me.

Aloha. S

Well, this product gave me an eye infection, clogged oil glands in the eyelid to be exact. I didn't even follow the 2 applications a day, as directed by the company. I applied the product once a day, and once in a while twice a day. It's been over a month of almost daily use, I barely saw any results, and the eye infection didn't help me love this.

Cindy. D

No Improvement The serum has not made my eyelashes grow AT ALL. Been using it for 6 months. I do LOVE the mascara though. It does not clump and makes my lashes look longer and a lot fuller.

Emma. B

I've been using this product for about 3 weeks now and haven't really seen much in terms of results. Some growth, but it might just be the placebo effect. I might just have to give it more time, but so far I'm not sure it's worth the money.

Beatrice. E

I would love to try it out and review it looks really nice and i would love to try it out also it looks like it easy to apply


Didn't Work At All I didn't think this worked at all.

Candy. C

Not Effective I've been using this product for the past 6 months with no changes to my lashes length and thickness. I'll have to switch to other brands. I do not recommend this product.


Good product. I have tried other lash serums which are irritating. I have sensitive eyes and this product seemed to accommodate well. I haven't noticed a huge difference from the first month, but maybe it's my eyes and it needs more time. Hopefully by next month I'll see a bigger difference. Thank you!

Alicia. H

I have been using Rodan & Fields lash boost for about a year now. I just can't afford it. But with Vega Lash, I am getting the same results for a fraction of the cost. I have tried a whole bunch of different ones and this is by far the most bang for the buck!


I use to use Rodan & Fields product, but it was just too expensive. My daughter suggested this product as she is very happy with the results. Lashes are growing!


I don’t write reviews often but this product is amazing! Have been using it before bed for probably a little over a month. I got eyelash extensions all summer and they really did a number on my real ones. This serum helped so much

Raevin. P

This product is fabulous! I've used other products that are supposed to do what this does, but this one is the best. I've used Latisse and this is every bit as good...and a lot cheaper


This did nothing for my lashes. Beware of all of these positive reviews

Stella Kay

My lashes got a little longer and seems to be thicker. Hope my lashes will keep continuing to grow


Bought this stuff hoping to not have to spend $150 on Rodan and Fields, but this stuff was a joke! It was so runny that it would drip down into my eyes, which I can only imagine is not great for them. I didn’t see one single eyelash grow longer than average. Very disappointed in this product.

Lindsay Nicole

Been using daily for a month and see no differences. I’m going to continue using for one more month and will update my review if a miracle happens

Skyla. B

I don’t notice any growth. I started out using another brand called FEG and saw growth within 3 weeks. Once the bottle ran out I decided to try this brand to see if it was any better. After all, it had pretty good reviews. Unfortunately, I didn’t get results and I will be going back to using FEG.

Jessica. H

So mad about this product!! I’ve not seen a bit of change and only reason I purchased was because of reviews. Don’t waste your money and spend a little more. Been using almost 2 months and no change!!!!


Update: Been using it religiously for two months, no change :( Tried it for a few days, no irritation. Hasn’t started working yet, of course. Will update on efficacy after I finish using this bottle


This simply did not work for me, even though I followed the instructions exactly. My eyelashes were not longer or more full. They actually seemed more brittle. I had much better results simply putting Bio-oil on my lashes and brows. Glad it worked for some, but I saw zero results.


LOVE this product. Within a month I noticed a drastic change in my lashes and now people are always asking me if I have lash extensions

Rizza. C

Used it every night routinely for over 3 months. Did not work what so ever.


I was really excited to try this product. I have now returned it upon 4 uses after noticing that it has caused darker pigmentation on the parts of my eyelid where the product was applied. You apply it to the base of the lash, but inevitably, you're going to be touching the eyelid as well. Overall, I noticed some minor irritation upon applications, but nothing that bothered me too much. However, I ended up developing a style on my bottom lid after use. As far as its effectiveness, I did notice some growth in my lashes after 2 months

Tiffany. P

I purchased this product in early October and stated using it right away. About 3 weeks in i noticed my eyes on the outside corners were red, burning, itching and irritated. I would not recommend this product especially to someone with sensitive skin


My eyelashes were very short and I started to notice growth within a month. I’ve tried several products and this seems to be the only one that’s worked.


While it has grown my lashes, after a few weeks I'm having an allergic reaction to it... where I put this stuff is getting red, swollen, itchy, and dry to the point of hurting


I got this as opposed to a more expensive one, I am totally satisfied and very happy with the results, and my eyelashes are much longer and fuller! Thanks!!!


I purchased my first tube of this product back in April and after about a month of using it, my lashes were better. People would ask if I had eyelash extensions. So when I ran out I ordered a second tube from the exact same page where I ordered the first. After a few weeks of using the second tube, I noticed my eyelashes would fall out very easily. I will not be repurchasing this product.


I used Latisse for years. Decided to try this as it seemed like a cheaper option. I'm not sure how others are seeing results, I got none after 1 month and had to go back to Latisse.


I don't think this product works or works well. Disappointed. I was about to return it and saw that my opportunity just ended. I just threw it out.


Doesn't work, don't waste your money


My wife's eyelid was red and swollen after using this a few times. This product seems dangerous - it caused burning and irritation. We had to get her checked by a doctor. Thankfully, she is getting better

Patricia. H

I have very few allergic reactions, but apparently this is one of the. Eyelids swollen shut and turned red! Did not work for me.

Gold Wilson

I have received several compliments about my eyelashes ever since I started using this product.


This product took little time to start working and filling in that pesky area of my brow that wouldn't grow. I am extremely satisfied and will be ordering again and again!


Wife is very happy with the results. She doesn't use it as often as she should, maybe one or two times a week but still seeing great growth. Will definitely be back for more.


No difference in lashes whatsoever after 4 weeks.


It worked and showed definite growth but I found with prolonged use my eye lashes were falling out faster than new ones were growing in. After 3 months I noticed a bare patch that hadn't been there before


Used this for three months and my long lashes slowly fell out and became their stubby, natural selves. This stuff did NOTHING. Went back to Nourishlash, and already have seen results in the last 4 weeks

Karen. K

I bought this product on August and began using it right away. It is now over 4 months and my eye lashes and eyebrows have not grown only a little. I am not happy with the slow results I’m getting from this product


Not sure if it works or not, but the applicator is very thin and small and the container is also, so there's not a lot of product. One has to dip several times to get enough serum out to cover the eyelid making it more time consuming and more like to spill drops.

Dennis Peters

It is in fact working and where I had sparse thin lashes- I have noticed them filling in especially at the outer corners. I have always had long lashes but as I age they needed some help- nutriments. Can't wait to see my results after a few months. Thank you for a good quality product.


I was a little skeptical about purchasing. However I have had growth of my lashes. I will be purchasing again as I noticed more growth on one side than the other


I’ve used regularly for a month now and as you can see NOTHING has happened and I maybe even lost lashes?? ...It just leaves a crusty line on your lash line.


So far i only had tried for about a month.. My eyelashes just getting thicker. However then length is not as long as I want yet. The product said it’s take 2 months to see the really results.


Easy to use, but it doesn't seem to help my eyelashes grow. The first week seemed to work amazingly, but then I realized this product was mostly just dying my eyelids to make them darker, which gave the appearance of thicker lashes. Overall, there seemed to be no change at all after that point.

Francisca Adams

Awesome!!! You can see results after a few weeks.


So far i only had tried for about a month.. My eyelashes just getting thicker. However then length is not as long as I want yet. The product said it’s take 2 months to see the really results.


This product is great for eyebrows and lashes. As I have aged my brows have never been this full


I have used products like this before and for whatever reason decided to switch it up this time. Do not buy this! There are other products that actually work.


Didn’t work for me Bought it under the premise that it had great ratings

Tamara Sydney

While hearing positive reviews from a friend on their use of the product, I purchased hoping for the same results. I had gotten my eyelash extensions removed prior to using the product and I wanted to try this in hopes of bringing some length back to my natural lashes. I have been using it for almost two months now and have noticed no changes in my lashes. Wasn't worth it for me.

The Muskin

Used this twice a day and no noticeable difference, I switched back to my norm RAPID LASH. After just three weeks of twice a day of Rapid Lash I had significantly longer lashes. Going back to Rapid Lash.

Brenda. L

There is nothing in my container! I even tried to put it on my hand to see if there was anything wet in my container and the brush was completely dry! I don't know, but seems like a total waste of my hard earned money! I got an empty container! I absolutely cannot recommend this product if there is nothing to use! What am I supposed to do with a dry brush?


Awesome!!! You can see results after a few weeks.




This definitely helps to grow your eyelashes, but I’ve found that castor oil for me works equally well but for a tenth of the price. Also, this stuff can sting if it gets in your eyes, and castor oil doesn’t.


I’ve been using the new product for 3 months and doesn’t seem to be working like before. My long eyelashes keep falling off and the new one are not as long just normal length.


This product caused redness, swelling and pain in my eyes.

Rosa. A

I bought this product because of the thousand reviews but what a waste of my time and money, I used another, yes...more expensive serum and I was doing great. I really thought this will keep my eyelashes growing or at least the same, but this was a big mistake, my eyelashes were thinner than ever. Don't waste your time with this product.

Shanna D

Simply amazing product! Works like a charm!


Works great, no irritation! Can’t wait to see how long I can get my lashes! Great price! Wanted to try R+F but it’s so expensive so when I found this I was way excited!


I had high hopes for this product but no change occurred during the last couple of weeks ... am giving it three stars and might change this review if I saw any positive changes...

Minnesota Gurl

Actually made my lashes shorter, to the point it is very hard to use a lash curler, as well as made my eyes bloodshot on a daily basis. Discontinued using and disposed product.

Alexandra. B

I have been religiously using this product for 30 days. I have to say am EXTREMELY satisfied! I normally don't wear mascara, people who know me have been asking me if I started wearing mascara. I will most definitely continue to use.


I did get some growth in my eyelashes and very mild growth in eyebrows. It wasn’t impressive for me so I will try something else.

Dominic. B

Both eyes swelled up after about a week. Vision was affected slightly. Both eyes returned to normal about a week after stopping. Not with it

Lupe. G

Disappointed! Does not work, just a waste of money. Never buying ever again

D. Tracy

Product made my eyebrows fall out! At first I thought I was imagining it and continued to use the product. My mistake - my eyebrows are much thinner now and have spots where there is no hair at all


I felt like it was getting in my eye and I ended up with discharge in the morning. I didn't use a lot and wiped it off. May I please have a refund?


Did not work. Do not waste your money


Lashes are strong and long....less breakage. Great product!

Elizabeth Zurita

This shouldn't smell chemically at all on top of that I applied it and made my skin irritate I’m starting to think it was super glue


I haven't noticed a difference. It's caused irritation & my eyelids look darker since I started using it? I don't know why or how. I haven't been painting it on my eyelid! I've used on eyebrows (because it says you can) but I still don't know why they would be darker. Plus, I now have little pimples all around my eyebrows and eyelid.


Excited to try this product! Just got it today (love the 2 day shipping). Will post results!

Tehkia Swann

Fast shipping, great product really works

Felisha Baker

I think this made a difference when I got to use it. However I ended up with an eye infection in both eyes and ended up with issues in one eye seeing with contacts. I only put this on at bed, without contacts in, and applied like liquid eyeliner outside of the eye.

Justina. J

Used eyelash enhancer serum for years. I have tried a lot of them from super cheap to super expensive. I have been using this every evening faithfully & see minimal growth. Fullness is noticeable but not so much length. I have purchased $5 serum and have had the same results.

April Jarman

I’ve been using this nightly for the last 6 weeks and I’m not seeing any difference. This is extremely thin/runny. Hard to apply evenly. I will definitely go back to my old brand.

Ashley Smith

I bought this specifically to help with sparse areas in my brows. Unfortunately after months of trying, I’ve seen no difference in my eyebrows at all. However, I’ve only used it on my lashes a few times just to see if it worked, and i did notice a different in growth.

Jane Schwarz

I thought based on reviews this would be a sure win.... used it for two months with no changes

Colt Cuddles

I used this for a few weeks and did not see any differences in my lashes. It did irritate my eyes a bit. I stopped using after reading the negative reviews. I didn't want to take a chance of my lashes falling out.

Teresa Denison

Love this will repurchase when empty my lashes are healthier and less fall out ! Can see them thickening not sure about length yet.

Victoria. S

Very easy to use. Does not dry eyes.

Linda Lee

I had used this product only 3 weeks and see my lash is much longer. I am very happy with this product and recommend to use it!!

Brandy. S

I have been using the product consistently for the past 2 months & have a noticeable difference in the length of my lashes


This product is horrible. Does not work. Don’t waste your money